Pastor Search Timeline

Welcome to the Pastor Search Team’s timeline! This interactive timeline provides a detailed overview of our journey in searching for the next Lead Pastor for our church. It chronologically highlights the key milestones and decisions made by the team from our initial meeting to the present. Each entry in the timeline details the activities, discussions, and outcomes of our meetings, reflecting our commitment to transparency in the selection process. As we continue our search, we invite you to revisit this page for updates and insights into our progress.

December 11th, 2023

The Pastor Search Team had its first meeting on December 11th, 2023. We clarified what we wanted in the next Lead Pastor and assigned roles to team members.

January 8th, 2024

The meeting focused on setting a clear vision and goal to refer back to throughout our process. This helped us make sure we did not get off track in future meetings.

February 4th, 2024

During this meeting, the team developed survey questions to gather input from the church on what they are looking for in the next Lead Pastor. After the meeting, both online and paper versions of the survey were created and distributed on the following Sunday, February 11th, 2024.

March 4th, 2024

The Pastor Search Team reconvened to examine the responses to the survey, preparing to write a job description for the next Lead Pastor.

March 25th, 2024

Several team members drafted sample job descriptions for the next Lead Pastor. At this meeting, we reviewed these drafts to ensure they aligned with the survey results and made necessary adjustments.

April 8th, 2024

After finalizing the job description, this meeting focused on selecting the appropriate websites for posting the job and strategies for responding to incoming resumes. The job description has since been posted on various platforms, including our own. You can read the job description here: Job Description

April 22nd, 2024

After receiving multiple resumes, this meeting focused on our next steps. We put together a questionnaire and email responses that we will send to potential candidates.

May 20th, 2024

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