When Jesus Prayed

When Jesus Prayed
John 17:1-26 (CSB)

  1. Jesus Prays for Himself
    1. Jesus has the authority to give eternal life
      1. Jesus is the ark of the new testament
      2. Eternal life is knowing God
    2. Jesus brought glory to God by doing the work of God
      1. Jesus is a lover of people
      2. God has good works for us to do
      3. Believing on Jesus
      4. Following Jesus…is believing
      5. Loving your family-spouse, children
      6. Loving God’s people
      7. Loving people in general
  2. Jesus prays for His eleven disciples
    1. He prays for their protection
    2. He prays for their unity
    3. He prays for their joy
    4. He prays for their character
  3. Jesus prays for us today
    1. They would be ONE in unity!
    2. In spite of Jesus’ prayer, we are divided
    3. We divide over theological differences
    4. We divide over preferences

The Gospel of John - So That We Might Believe

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