Love One Another

Love One Another – John 13:31-35

  1. Love is a verb.
    1. We love by our actions.

5 Ways We Demonstrate Love

  1. We demonstrate love by caring for one another’s needs even to our own hurt – Phil 2:2-4
    1. We give resources to meet lack.
    2. We give time
    3. We give emotional support
    4. We need to sacrificially lift others
  2. We demonstrate love when we freely give forgiveness to others when we are wronged
    1. Refuses to close others out
    2. It takes the initiative
    3. Says no to getting even
    4. Doesn’t keep bringing it up
  3. We demonstrate love when we seek forgiveness from others when we have wronged them.
    1. Go—take the initiative
    2. Don’t make excuses
    3. Don’t talk about their wrong
    4. Make the relationship the priority
    5. Ask God for the humility of heart
  4. We demonstrate love when we refuse to gossip or speak negatively towards someone.
    1. Proverbs 6
    2. Romans 1:29
    3. 2 Timothy 3:1-3
    4. Proverbs 20:19
    5. Believe the best
    6. Not passing on negative stuff
    7. Refuses even to listen
    8. Repent Quickly
    9. Speak positively
    10. Let’s believe the best
  5. We demonstrate love when we choose to spend time together.
    1. The price of a relationship is time

Truly choose love!

The Gospel of John - So That We Might Believe

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