I’m Not Washing Your Dirty Feet

I’m Not Washing Your Dirty Feet
John 13:1-17

  1. God expects all of us to be servants (13:12-15)
  2. Being a servant means personal involvement (13:4)
  3. Being a servant means seeing opportunities to serve (13:3-5)
  4. Being a servant means acting with humility (13:13-14)
  5. Being a servant is a whole lot easier when I know who I am (13:3-4)
  6. Being a servant will always cost you (4)
    1. Time and energy
    2. Resources-money
    3. Plans
  7. A servant is blessed by God (13:17)
    1. If you know these things you are blessed if you do these things.

Home, church, neighborhood and work.

  1. Talk to God about being a servant. Ask for help.
  2. Choose to be a servant.
  3. Start today.

The Gospel of John - So That We Might Believe

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