Dumb Sheep; Good Shepherd

John 10:1-21

The True Shepherd
How do we know who the true Shepherd is?

  1. He enters through the door.
  2. The gatekeeper opens it for him.
  3. The sheep hear His voice and they follow Him.
    1. Call them by name.
    2. Leads them out.
    3. He goes before them.
    4. They trust his voice.

I Am the Door of the Sheep

Jesus is the good shepherd because…

  1. He cares for the sheep
  2. He interposes his life to protect his sheep
  3. He knows his sheep
  4. He has room for a bigger flock

Jesus is Our Good Shepherd

There is a True and Good Shepherd Who Invites You to be a Part of His Flock

The Gospel of John - So That We Might Believe

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