Minor Prophets With Major Points – Jonah (Part 2)

Series: Minor Prophets With Major Points

As we pickup with Jonah, he has been thrown into the sea and consumed by a giant fish. However, after three days, he miraculously emerges from the fish where God designated him the entire time. What can we learn about Jonah’s time in the fish, and what about his character afterwards. Join us this week to find out.

Minor Prophets With Major Points

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Jimmy Acree (Pastor Jimmy) has served as lead pastor elder of the Bacon’s Castle family since September of 1987. Fresh out of seminary, he returned to the area where God brought him and this church together. There was actually only one week between the former pastor’s leaving and Jimmy beginning to preach.Jimmy is a graduate of Ferrum College and Columbia International University. He had completed his course work for a DMin from Liberty University though still lacks to complete his dissertation.Raised in Latin America, Jimmy is fluent in Spanish and loves to practice his Español!He and his wife Anne have six grown children spread out across the country. Jimmy enjoys motorcycle riding and enjoying the company of friends, both old and new.

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